Investment Process

Idea Generation

Pulling from a global investable universe, we apply our liquidity constraints, risk based negative screens, and positive financial screens to focus on companies we believe have good growth potential.

We combine quantitative financial analysis with qualitative insight. The investment team has more than 60 years of combined experience in identifying, filtering, and interpreting investment information from a variety of sources.

In-depth Integrated Research

Industry specific differences influence how environmental, social, or governance performance (ESG) can translate to operating performance and market value. To identify global leaders, we first analyze companies across industry specific ESG themes.

Next, fundamental financial analysis is applied to ensure that companies considered for our buy list demonstrate superior operating fundamentals measured by metrics such as sales growth, margins, and return on investment.

Our final step is the application of our environmental leadership criteria. These 27 criteria, organized into 7 categories, are applied across all sectors and assist in identifying companies with a higher probability of mitigating risks and identifying opportunities in a resource-constrained world.

Portfolio Construction

Our security selection process is the main driver of portfolio construction; we concentrate on owning what we view as the best companies as opposed to mirroring the market index. Though we are different in comparison to the index at an individual security level, we look to control risk by monitoring sector, country, region, and market cap relativity. Ultimately, our main objective is to identify global leaders and make sure that performance of these companies, not macro bets, drive fund performance.